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 A 501(c)3 mission to provide water, nutrition, and a children's center in Irechelo Village.  

The Mission of Into Kenya is to provide opportunities for people to be in ministry to the children of Irechelo Village in  Kenya by providing water and a facility to support their educational, physical and spiritual development.

Our vision is to raise $200,000 to build the Mama Alice's Children Center within the next three years.

Mama Alice Children's Center

Mama Alice is a pastor and peasant farmer in Kakamega (see map below) who has helped needy children for years.  She realized that there are more children than she can help alone.  Her dream is to provide food, clothing, shelter, as well as education for the orphans in Irechelo Village.  In April of 2016, Gama Aywa brought his friends, Kay and Roger, from Elgin, Illinois to visit his mother, Mama Alice,  and experience life in and near where he grew up in Kenya.  Roger, Kay, and Gama came home filled with God's spirit to  do something, created the Into Kenya Project, and began to raise funds.  Into Kenya's vision is to help Mama Alice's dream become reality.

In spite of all the struggles and adverse conditions, the people of Kenya love and worship God. 

Help us raise funds and plan for Phase III, building a children's center for the orphans and vulnerable children of Irechelo Village.  

The Nourishment Program

The Nourishment Program

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