Our goal is to help support 300 orphans in Irechelo Village in Kakamega. We will do this by building an orphanage/school for 300 orphans who need a place to live and to learn. Your donations will go toward drilling a well and the purchase of a water pump for the future orphanage and school. If we can alleviate the harsh conditions the children experience daily, we can improve their poverty-level conditions, provide a brighter future for the orphans, as well as help to nurture their belief in Christ.

The money you donate goes to the Mama Alice Foundation Irechelo.  We are a 100% volunteer organization.   If you wish to DONATE BY CHECK, make payable to Elgin Community Network, our fiscal sponsor, and include Mama Alice Foundation on the memo line, and mail to:

Elgin Community Network
P.O. Box 6520
Elgin, IL 60121



OR you can click on the link below to pay directly to Elgin Community Network for funds to be deposited into Mama Alice's Foundation.



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