MISSION STATEMENT:  The mission of the IntoKenya.Org (Mama Alice's Foundation) is to provide opportunities for people to be in ministry to orphan children of the Irechelo Village of Kenya by providing a facility and resources for their health, education, and spiritual development. 

Halfway around the world we discovered a different way of life!  We were amazed to discover how the people we met live without running water, intermittent electricity, a village well, and walking everywhere they want to go.  Schools are crowded and have few books, few teachers, and poor buildings.  We met Mama Alice in Busilwa Irechelo village near Kakamega.  Mama Alice is a pastor and peasant farmer who has helped needy children for over 20 years.  There are about 300 children in need of clothing, food, and shelter, as well as education.  God touched our hearts, and we decided we needed to so something to help this village!  On our return we developed a non-profit mission, Into Kenya, as a mission of Cornerstone United Methodist Church in Elgin, Illinois.  Into Kenya is incorporated in the State of Illinois, and our fiscal sponsor is Elgin Community Network who is a 501(c)(3) organization.  We are a 100% volunteer organization.

Our efforts are divided into three phases: Phase I, buying land, has been accomplished; and Phase II, drilling a well and building a holding tank was completed the summer of 2020.  Now that this is accomplished, with the help of friends and supporters, the orphanage/school will be planned and built.  


Roger Klemm, President

Gama Aywa, Executive Director

Kyla Jacobsen, Secretary

Bill Werst, Vice-President

TBD, Treasurer

Gama Aywa, Executive Director

Kay Mills, Board Member

Melissa Hood, Board Member

Chris Bruun, Board Member

Kyle Bault, Board Member

Jason Hemphill, Board Member

Kris Hemphill, Board Member

Muriel Covington, Board Member

Jan Stokes, Board Member







Picture of Board to be updated when possible

Mama Alice Board in Kenya


Naftali Munyobi, Chairman; Rosemary Mwandihi, Secretary; Alice Okisa Odinga, Executive Director; Japheth Aywa, Director; Nelima, Director; Nancy, Director; Naomi Anyiso, Treasurer.